How does SZH Atelier work?

  1. Browse through our collection to find a piece you love. Filter by size and color to find your best look. If you couldn’t find the dress you like, you can create your custom new dress for rent by visiting our studio.
  2. Love it? Reserve it! Check the availability of the dress by selecting your delivery and return dates, and the rental duration. You can rent the piece for 4, 7 or 10 days.
  3. Receive It: The dress will be delivered via JNE or Go-Jek to your home, hotel or office. You also can pick-up your dress in our studio.
  4. Return It: Collection of the dress will be coordinated with our private concierge services. Forget dry-cleaning, we’ll do that for you.

When should I make the reservation?

You can reserve a piece up to 2 months in advance. We highly recommend that you book in advance to secure the dress for the dates required.

Can I try the dress before renting them?

If you are based in Jakarta, you can visit our studio by book a try-on service by emailing us at rent@siscazh.com.

Do I need to give a deposit?

We will ask deposit money by 50% of rent price as our insurance, the deposit money will be given back 1 (one) day after the dress returned. The deposit money will be asked after you book the dress.

What happens if I damage the piece during my rental period?

We understand that accidents happen. We covers minor damages and stains that can be fixed by us. However we do not cover irreversible damages or unreturned items. Compensation cost of damage or lost will be taken from deposit money.

Minor Damages include:

  • Stains that are easy to clean.
  • A few missing beads or sequins.
  • Non- Decorative button missing.
  • Broken Zip that can easily be replaced.

My dress is not suitable, can I return it?

If you find the product unsuitable to your liking upon delivery, you will be required to report to us within the same day of your delivery, and you can send it back to us by noon the following day. We can exchange the dress for you or return the rent fee (less delivery fees).

Do you provide alteration service?

Most our dress can be altered up to 2 cm, but we only provide alteration service in our studio. The alteration service is FREE!

Can I borrow more than one piece at a time?

Of course! Currently our website is set up so you can order one piece at a time. You will need to check out the pieces each time.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only support delivery within Indonesia.

Can I purchase the dress?

Currently the pieces on the website are only available for rent. However, we may be able to sell it to you at a price determined by us.